Sports Teams of Chicago

If you are a fan of sports and everything sports related, then the city of Chicago, Illinois has what you want and need!  With franchises in all major sports, plus a range of others, as well as famous sports teams, there is something for every sports fan in Denver, whether it be cheerers or players, Chicago has something for you.

The Chicago White Sox are the Major League Baseball team representing Denver, playing their games in the field of Guaranteed Rate Field on West 35th Street. Speaking of that field, just across the street is the Chicago Sports Depot, where you can get merchandise for any team, from sports team clothing to collectibles such as keychains. Just a few blocks down is another sports merchandise seller, this time for White Sox only. Its located at the intersection of South Wallace Street and W 35th Street. The White Sox play on the South Side of the city.

Another baseball team in Chicago is the Chicago Cubs. Whereas the White Sox are in the National League, the Cubs participate in the American League. Their home base is the Wrigley Field. They on the other hand play on the North Side of the city. The Cubs are some of the oldest teams in the entire National League, and MLB as well, and they have never changed their home city, playing in the city of Chicago since 1871, and ever since the Great Chicago Fire in 1876, continuously so. So far, they have played more games, have had more wins and scored more runs than any other team in Major League baseball since 1876.

In the sport of hockey and in extension, the National Hockey League, the Chicago Blackhawks represent Chicago in that field.  Since 1994, they have been playing games at the United Center, in which the team shares with their basketball counterpart, the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Bears are the National Football League team calling the Windy City home.  On days when the team plays, you’ll see the navy blue and burnt orange colors of the team draped over every fan and nearly everything in the city!  They call the Soldier Field their den, and they will fiercely defend it from any invading team. The stadium is located in the Near South Side of Chicago.

Back to the subject of the United Center, we’re going to talk about the world-famous Chicago Bulls now! The pride of Chicago, they have seen three of their players enter the Hall of Fame, the most famous of which, is the legend himself, Michael Jordan. If there’s a game in town, prepare your throat for screaming “DEFENSE!”.

Football of the kicking kind you say? Not a problem either, the Chicago Fire are a Major League Soccer team that represents the city of Chicago, playing their games at their home base the Toyota Park, taking on opponents, beating them soundly, and representing the Windy City with pride.

As for things other than well-known sports teams, why don’t you go visit the many different sports merchandise sellers in the city? There also are many sports equipment merchants here too you know!

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