Chicago Airports

In this article, we shall discuss about the various airports that service the city of Chicago. Well-known examples are O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. We shall also discuss about other airports in the area not as known as these two. Without further ado, let us begin by discussing the two most known airports that service the Windy City.

First off, we shall discuss about O’Hare International Airport, also known as O’Hare Airport, or Chicago O’Hare, but for the purposes of making this article short and sweet, we will simply call it O’Hare, also another name for the world’s sixth-busiest airport.

In 2017, it served close to 80 (rounded off from 79.8) million passengers. From the 1960s to the late 1990s, it held the rank of the World’s Busiest Airport at first place.

The airport is strange, or better yet, unusual in that it serves as a major hub for more than one of the three U.S. mainline carriers. This airport is United Airlines’ largest hub in terms of passengers and flights, while American Airlines has it as its third largest hub, behind Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport. It serves multiple airlines leading to several destinations, both domestic and international. A major expansion of the airport is underway, and construction has already started.

The next airport we shall be talking about is Chicago Midway International Airport, also known as Midway International Airport. Midway International Airport has been the primary airport for Chicago for quite some time until the construction of O’Hare International Airport. It is the second-largest airport in Chicago. Much of its air traffic is dominated by low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines, which offers cheap and easy flights to destinations nearby, both domestic and international.

There is also a third airport to O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport, and that is Gary/Chicago International Airport, located three miles northwest of the city center. Many businesses, such as Boeing or Menards, station their corporate aircraft there. As of 2018, there are no major commercial airline service coming out of the airport.

Then there’s another airport to these three, and that airport is called Chicago Rockford International Airport, about 85 miles northwest from the city center of Chicago. Most of its aircraft operations are in the category of general aviation, which include things from regular piloting to corporate jets. The airport has some scheduled commercial flights however, mostly from an airline named Allegiant Airlines.

Another airport at about the same distance as Chicago Rockford International Airport is General Mitchell International Airport, though it may be located in the state of Wisconsin, it still is a viable airport to land in, in the event that landing at O’Hare or Midway International might not be possible in your travelling timeframe. It serves multiple airlines, including but not limited to: Air Canada Express, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines.

In a summarization of all this, this is a list of which airports you should visit in the event that you might visit the Windy City soon.

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